A few comments from some of the people that have participated in my classes…


“…Mind Blowing!”


“…Feeling Good”

“…Becoming more pliable”

“…Chiro says its making me more moveable, Makes us all feel young again” – Kay

“…Tiring, but Excellent” – Robert

“…Improves bone density. Rejuvenates…Makes us HAPPY (removes depression). Less prone to have a bone break if we fall over because we’re more flexible. Can now lift and bend over with weights.” – Margarie


Anyone who has Kathy as a Trainer will never be sorry (but maybe a little ‘sore’). I  joke with her that she should write a book called “101 Ways To Train With Kathy” because after nearly 9 weeks, she has hardly repeated any exercise … that’s some imagination Kathy has and fantastic for my easily bored personality.

Her energy, motivation, enthusiasm, support and just being an all round nice person, has made training with Kathy so much fun as will as very educational. I have found strengths I didn’t know I had (and also some weakness but we keep that a secret between us) and when I think there’s no way I can possibly do another pushup on the Bosu … and Kathy says I can … well I can … and I do. I would recommend Kathy in an instant to anyone, be their goals weight loss, strength gain, increased agility,  improved balance or an all over general health and fitness improvement. With Kathy, you not only get an excellent trainer but gain a fitness friend because long after your PT sessions may finish, Kathy will still take the time to talk, listen and advise.  That’s very special…

Marion Claridge
Group Fitness Instructor

Kathy Johnsun has been my Personal Trainer for the last 3 months. Kathy has a very vibrant and energetic personality, whose passion for Personal Training is very evident.

Kathy continually tailored and adapted her solutions for me, to specifically meet my changing health and fitness needs. Kathy also understood the delicate balance between challenging and extending me (based on my fitness abilities) and keeping me motivated.

Kathy was always vivacious and I really enjoyed my “escape from normality” to attend one of Kathy’s sessions. Kathy is an excellent ambassador for Fitness First and is an asset to the Personal Training team. I would therefore thoroughly recommend Kathy as your Personal Trainer and Fitness and Health Mentor, no matter what your goal or motivation is for fitness and health.

Amy Dolman
Account Manager
IMS Health

I have found your sessions very enjoyable (although there is one element of fitness which I really hate – however won’t tell you what it is because then you’ll throw some in!!).  You are motivating, encouraging, supportive, upbeat and friendly.  All very important qualities when your students are stressing their bodies!!  I also like your idea of ‘homework’.  I am not sure if that’s a technique taught or something you decided yourself, however I think it’s good as it makes people think about training outside of your sessions.  Even if it’s something as simple as trying to do push ups/sit ups at home.

Edwina Dunsford


I just want to drop you a quick note to say that you’re doing a wonderful job in the fitness department. You’re a little ball of energy and its refreshing. Good luck with your career in that department. You’ve been really good also in the motivation department and that’s not an easy thing to do. I must say – this type of training is probably the first I’ve done. I generally train for State Cup for refereeing and that’s different fitness as I always have my goals on which game I would like to get at the end of the tournament. Individual achievement and personal gain is reffing. Playing in a team is different.

Rina Janson
Senior Referee
Northern Suburbs Touch Football Association