62% of Aussies are Overweight!


The National Health Survey for 2007-08 conducted by the Australia Bureau of Statistics has just come out. This survey measures the height, weight, hips and waist of Australians with a sample size of around 22,000 people.

The survey reveals that 62% of people were overweight or obese which was a significant increase over past surveys.

The survey also found that as a group, men and older people were the fattest and a quarter of children surveyed were overweight or obese.

In an ABC report, it states that “the results for 2007-08 found that 68 per cent of all Australian men were overweight or obese, an increase of 4 per cent since 1995”.

While “women were worse, with 55 per cent of women now overweight or obese, rising 6 per cent”.

The report continues by saying that these figures are a big concern because “being overweight is a risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes”.

If you should fall into one of these groups don’t dispair. If you haven’t started exercising or have been physically inactive for awhile it’s not too late either. In a study by Swedish researchers from Uppsala University found that men who were previously inactive but took up exercising in their 50s were likely to live as long as those who have exercised all their lives. See here for more details. So with that in mind, don’t leave it a minute longer for you to start your fit and healthy regime!

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