Blackmore’s 2009 Half-Marathon Training Plan


I will be running the Half-Marathon in September this year. To help me prepare for this race, my Trainer – Jason Kelly has kindly put together a training plan to help me build strength, endurance and speed.

This is the plan he put together for me.

Phase 1 – Foundation Stage


  • Building a foundation
  • Injury prevention

Duration: 12 weeks

  • 16/02/2009 – 10/05/2009

Phase 2 – Early Quality Stage


  • Improved running mechanics
  • Improved running economy
  • Some speed improvements

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 18/05/2009 – 28/06/2009

Phase 3 – Transition Quality Stage


  • Event specific training
  • Performance optimisation

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 29/06/2009 – 09/08/2009

Phase 4 – Final Quality Stage


  • Building and focusing on strengths
  • Race specific preparation

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 10/08/2009 – 20/09/2009

The first phase is about getting the foundations right. It’s really important to make sure that you get yourself into condition for the race ahead. This means doing core stability exercises and getting the body use to running at a comfortable pace. Giving me a base to build upon with tougher exercises and for more challenging runs for the future.

Each phase builds upon the previous one becoming more specific and targeting making improvements in technique strength and fitness.

I’m currently into the second phase of my training. I will expand a bit more into what I’m doing in that second phase in a future blog post. So stay tune for more!

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