The Biggest Loser 2009 Finale

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well??!!

As some of you know, I work at the same gym as Shannan from the Biggest Loser. Anyway, Shannan was kind enough to get me tickets to the Finale of the Biggest Loser which was filmed at Fox Studios last Friday.

We had to arrive at the Studio around lunchtime and the actual filming continued until 8:00pm. We were under “lock-down” for the entire 8 hours! But the show was absolutely amazing to be there live.

On one of the few breaks we were allowed to have to stretch our legs, I met up with Shannan, his parents & Michelle who also looked amazing! Also, met up with Allison the Runner Up from 2008 Biggest Loser & told her what an inspiration she is for many people. She was lovely to talk to and a true ambassador for the show.

To see the actual contestants and see their transformation was such a great buzz and the atmosphere in the studio was fantastic and everyone was excited to see their favourite contestants. Sammy was stunning in her blue dress and she announced she was now engaged to her partner Matt. Shariff looked fantastic and handsome in his suit jacket. Megan & Julie looked sensational! Megan looked like a movie star! Andrew & Nathan showed off their new muscle-toned physiques & looked awesome too!

Of course, everyone was waiting to see Bob who came out last and the Studio just erupted with cheering, tears and amazement at the changed person that is Bob! He lost 52% of his body fat! He’s half the man he was with his starting weight being over 160kg! What an amazing achievement eh?!

Tiffany looked amazing too! She not only won $30,000 but also her life back and achieved her goal to be a great role model for her 3 year old daughter Isabelle. We also gave a standing ovation to Sean when he won $30,000 for losing the most weight amongst the eliminated contestants.

I was fortunate to meet most of them in person at the after party and you can tell that each of them were really committed to their goal of losing weight. Not only that, they were also really conscious of their new healthy life and what it took them to get there and to maintain it. To meet these people who have turned their lives around from being obese, unhappy, unhealthy people – who are now the complete opposite – fit,
happy & healthy, for the first time in their lives was a HUGE buzz!

All of them were inspirational! Already I’m getting calls from people wanting personal training!

Hope to catch up with you guys soon,


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