Mothers Day Classic 4km Fun Run

Last Sunday 10th May 2009, I participated in the Mothers Day 4km Fun Run. I’ve been training for the Half-Marathon in September and I thought this would be a good practice run. I ran with my client Dawn and her friends. I also bumped into my client Anja and her partner Jason who were also running that day.

The run was held at The Domain in the city. We got there at 7:30am and it was freezing! Not only that, it started to pour with rain. The race was meant to start at 9am, but we all had to wait until the lovely politician finished her speech.

The race finally started but as there was a fairly large crowd for the race, it took a couple of minutes after the gun went off before we could start running. The rain just got heavier through the race and we were well and truly drenched. My favourite part of the race was running along the water with the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge to our right.

I ran the race with Dawn as her running partner. This was the first fun run she has ever partiicipated in and I was really proud of her as she completed the race under 30 minutes. She ran this race without taking a break which was a great achievement.

Our time was 26/27 mins! Next year we all agree to tackle the 8km run instead. Till then, our next challenge is the MS 8km Fun Run in North Sydney on Sunday 14th June 2009. Looking forward to that one for sure! Hopefully we’ll get a bit of sunshine next time!

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