Photos from the MS 8km Fun Run

I’ve updated my website!


If you’ve been wondering why there’s been very little activity on my website for sometime, it’s because I’ve been looking at giving my site a major overhaul!

This is actually the third incarnation of my website. The first one was back in January 2008. At that time, I had no real idea as to what to put on my web pages or even how it was going to work. It was pretty much under construction for most of 2008 with a few updates of up-and-coming classes here and there.

Then in February of this year, I scrapped everything and started from scratch with a new website created with iWeb. iWeb is this software package that came with my iMac. It makes creating websites reasonably easy for the not-so web saavy lay-person. With a bit of experimenting and some help from my hubby Colin, we got version 2 of my website up and running! This effort was a vast improvement from my first attempt. This time round, visitors actually get to find out that Enjoy Life Fitness was all about Personal Training and all about me!

Part of the improvement of my new website is that I started a blog about what I did and added photos of my activities. All this was made easy using iWeb. The great thing about Apple products is that they make the complicated really effortless. Add a few words here, drop a set of pictures there and voila, I have a blog entry or a new photo album.

By this time, I’m getting use to adding new blog entries to my website. But there were a few things that bugged me about doing it the Apple way. For one thing, it’ not very easy to customise the look of the site. iWeb provides you with templates to give you the look and feel of the website but unfortunately it’s not easy to modify these templates without a good knowledge of its inner workings. Also there wasn’t an easy way to categorise my blog entries. It would be nice to be able to group entries by month or even by subject matter – this is something you can’t do easily with iWeb.

Adding comments or leaving messages on my website was also not possible unless I moved my website onto an Apple-hosted webserver (MobileMe). In the end, Colin decided that if he had to muck around with coding band-aid solutions to get these features working on my website, he might as well do it right and build the website with a proper tool.

Anyway without going into the full details, he was able to put it together within a couple of weeks. Anyway I hope you like it as there were a few sleepless nights involved!

As part of the new website, you can now leave feedback. So to start you off, we’ve added a new poll for you to vote. Let us know what you think!

If you still want to see what my old website looked like just follow this link.

Cheers, Kathy.

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2009 MS Walk and Fun Run

Hi Everybody!

If the thought of me pounding the pavement of Sydney in minimal athletic gear on a brisk winter morning in June excites you ;-p Please show me some love by sponsoring me in the 2009 MS Walk and Fun Run. [More...]

Blackmore’s 2009 Half-Marathon Training Plan


I will be running the Half-Marathon in September this year. To help me prepare for this race, my Trainer – Jason Kelly has kindly put together a training plan to help me build strength, endurance and speed.

This is the plan he put together for me.

Phase 1 – Foundation Stage


  • Building a foundation
  • Injury prevention

Duration: 12 weeks

  • 16/02/2009 – 10/05/2009

Phase 2 – Early Quality Stage


  • Improved running mechanics
  • Improved running economy
  • Some speed improvements

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 18/05/2009 – 28/06/2009

Phase 3 – Transition Quality Stage


  • Event specific training
  • Performance optimisation

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 29/06/2009 – 09/08/2009

Phase 4 – Final Quality Stage


  • Building and focusing on strengths
  • Race specific preparation

Duration: 6 weeks

  • 10/08/2009 – 20/09/2009

The first phase is about getting the foundations right. It’s really important to make sure that you get yourself into condition for the race ahead. This means doing core stability exercises and getting the body use to running at a comfortable pace. Giving me a base to build upon with tougher exercises and for more challenging runs for the future.

Each phase builds upon the previous one becoming more specific and targeting making improvements in technique strength and fitness.

I’m currently into the second phase of my training. I will expand a bit more into what I’m doing in that second phase in a future blog post. So stay tune for more!

62% of Aussies are Overweight!


The National Health Survey for 2007-08 conducted by the Australia Bureau of Statistics has just come out. This survey measures the height, weight, hips and waist of Australians with a sample size of around 22,000 people.

The survey reveals that 62% of people were overweight or obese which was a significant increase over past surveys. [More...]

Mothers Day Classic 4km Fun Run

Last Sunday 10th May 2009, I participated in the Mothers Day 4km Fun Run. I’ve been training for the Half-Marathon in September and I thought this would be a good practice run. I ran with my client Dawn and her friends. I also bumped into my client Anja and her partner Jason who were also running that day.

The run was held at The Domain in the city. We got there at 7:30am and it was freezing! Not only that, it started to pour with rain. The race was meant to start at 9am, but we all had to wait until the lovely politician finished her speech.

The race finally started but as there was a fairly large crowd for the race, it took a couple of minutes after the gun went off before we could start running. The rain just got heavier through the race and we were well and truly drenched. My favourite part of the race was running along the water with the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge to our right.

I ran the race with Dawn as her running partner. This was the first fun run she has ever partiicipated in and I was really proud of her as she completed the race under 30 minutes. She ran this race without taking a break which was a great achievement.

Our time was 26/27 mins! Next year we all agree to tackle the 8km run instead. Till then, our next challenge is the MS 8km Fun Run in North Sydney on Sunday 14th June 2009. Looking forward to that one for sure! Hopefully we’ll get a bit of sunshine next time!

Photos – Mother’s Day Fun Run

The Biggest Loser 2009 Finale

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well??!!

As some of you know, I work at the same gym as Shannan from the Biggest Loser. Anyway, Shannan was kind enough to get me tickets to the Finale of the Biggest Loser which was filmed at Fox Studios last Friday.

We had to arrive at the Studio around lunchtime and the actual filming continued until 8:00pm. We were under “lock-down” for the entire 8 hours! But the show was absolutely amazing to be there live.

On one of the few breaks we were allowed to have to stretch our legs, I met up with Shannan, his parents & Michelle who also looked amazing! Also, met up with Allison the Runner Up from 2008 Biggest Loser & told her what an inspiration she is for many people. She was lovely to talk to and a true ambassador for the show.

To see the actual contestants and see their transformation was such a great buzz and the atmosphere in the studio was fantastic and everyone was excited to see their favourite contestants. Sammy was stunning in her blue dress and she announced she was now engaged to her partner Matt. Shariff looked fantastic and handsome in his suit jacket. Megan & Julie looked sensational! Megan looked like a movie star! Andrew & Nathan showed off their new muscle-toned physiques & looked awesome too!

Of course, everyone was waiting to see Bob who came out last and the Studio just erupted with cheering, tears and amazement at the changed person that is Bob! He lost 52% of his body fat! He’s half the man he was with his starting weight being over 160kg! What an amazing achievement eh?!

Tiffany looked amazing too! She not only won $30,000 but also her life back and achieved her goal to be a great role model for her 3 year old daughter Isabelle. We also gave a standing ovation to Sean when he won $30,000 for losing the most weight amongst the eliminated contestants.

I was fortunate to meet most of them in person at the after party and you can tell that each of them were really committed to their goal of losing weight. Not only that, they were also really conscious of their new healthy life and what it took them to get there and to maintain it. To meet these people who have turned their lives around from being obese, unhappy, unhealthy people – who are now the complete opposite – fit,
happy & healthy, for the first time in their lives was a HUGE buzz!

All of them were inspirational! Already I’m getting calls from people wanting personal training!

Hope to catch up with you guys soon,


The Biggest Loser Finale photos

Bondi Junction Seniors Fitness Class